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Our Mission

Library Mission and Goals


In support of the educational mission of Sullivan County Community College, the Hermann Memorial Library provides library users with access to collections of relevant print, video and electronic resources; reference service and information literacy instruction as well as spaces conducive to studying and research. It also assists the college in the effort to recruit and retain students.


Provide library users with access to collections of relevant print, video and electronic resources.

  1. Select and provide appropriate learning resources required by students, faculty and the public in all the curricula, continuing education and community-oriented college programs.
  2. Obtain and house videos in support of classroom instruction.
  3. Organize, house and manage all collections in a bibliographically accessible and useful way.
  4. Borrow materials from other libraries, when necessary, to supplement our collections in support of users’ needs through participation in resource-sharing programs.
  5. Select and facilitate access to computerized full-text services and research databases.
  6. Maintain a library web page that provides access and guidance to online research and Internet resources.

Provide library users with outstanding reference service and information literacy instruction.

  1. Assist library users in finding information contained in the library’s print and electronic collections as well as in remote resources delivered over the Internet.
  2. Instruct and guide all college constituencies in the uses of collections, in methods of research and in the application of new information technologies to learning.
  3. Be a center of information literacy education on the college campus.
  4. Publish bibliographies and other informational and instructional research guides in support of curricula and the broad educational mission of the college.

Assist the college in the recruitment and retention of students.

  1. Attract library users from the community with our county patron library card and from local high schools through class visits to the library in order to increase exposure of the college to county citizens.
  2. Participate in appropriate campus recruitment events such as campus tours and fairs.
  3. Excel in providing courteous and helpful customer service through a knowledgeable and well-qualified staff to assist in the retention of students.

Maintain a comfortable, safe and enriched learning environment and study spaces for individuals and small groups.