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General Psychology - Summer 2017: Home

Resources for Discussions

Here are some resources to help you develop your discussion topics.

Popular (written for everyone)

Psychology Today

Free and open to the public. Quality articles written by professionals. We have current and back issues, in print, in the library.  

Psych Central

Free and open to the public. Organized by general topics and written by professional.

Scientific American: Mind

The Psychology section of one of the most prestigious science publication in America. All articles are writtne by leading experts in their field. Some articles will be behind a paywall. If you encounter this, please contact me and I'll help you get the desired article ASAP.

Academic databases (written for an academic audience)

Databases can be found here. 

Please note, academic articles are written for professionals by professionals. Though they provide an incredibly in-depth and high-quality resource, they are very limited in scope. Using these articles in conjunction with popular resources will help you develop both a broad and deep understanding of your topc.  

APA Citation

Here is an excellent cheat sheet for APA citation. It covers just about every resource you might use for you discussions. (Courtesy of Kent State)