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Community Programming: Community Programming

Author Talk & Book Signing

Author Talk & Book Signing featuring Retired Senior Investigator, Bill Moloney

Saturday, October  27 from 10:00 am-noon - Hermann Memorial Library in the One Stop

“Confessions of a Crime Scene Investigator” chronicles the career of New York State Police Crime Scene Unit Investigator Bill Moloney. 26 of Moloney’s 30 years were spent responding to and investigating the scenes of every imaginable way a life can be taken. It is a gritty, dirty, and sobering profession that reflects none of the glamour so often highlighted on television. Story after story paints the picture of a satisfying, yet unpleasant and frequently stomach-turning job that will make you laugh, cry and cheer. But “Confessions” goes beyond the telling of funny, sad and heroic anecdotes. Its graphic depictions of daily life in the crime scene world uncover profound revelations on how we should live life. Yes, being around so much death can teach us so very much about life and how to live it! This event is free.

Book Reading & Workshop

Book Reading & Workshop Featuring Children's Book Illustrator and Writer, Helena Clare-Pitman

Saturday, November 10 from 10:00 am-noon- Hermann Memorial Library in the One Stop

Helena Clare-Pittman has shown her work in galleries since the 80s, including a two-person show with her son, Painter, Galen Pittman. She has written and illustrated 18 published children's books, and numerous stories for Cricket and Cicada Magazines. Helena has taught  university students, at Parsons, SUNY and CUNY, and currently teaches painting at The Daniel Pierce Library, in Grahamsville, where her permanent mural is installed in the children' room.  In this book reading and workshop children will enjoy hearing of one of Helena's books followed by a workshop in which children will create their own flip book. Please join your child for this wonderful, intergenerational, free event at SUNY Sullivan's Herman Memorial Library.